Adult Requirements

Playcentre is a parent co-operative. By being involved at all levels of centre life Playcentre parents/caregivers are fully committed to understanding and participating to ensure the success of the Centre for their own children and for the children of other families.

Duties: As part of our co-operative you will be asked to do 1 duty a week as part of a ‘duty team’. These are small jobs that help the sessions to run effectively (e.g. making Playdough, putting the swings out or setting up an activity). You may also be asked to take on a role within the centre such as maintaining a corner of equipment.

Meetings: Playcentre parents share in the administration of the centre by attending meetings.

We have a Business Meeting each month and a Planning, Evaluation and Assessment (PEA) meeting once a term to help plan for our children’s learning and development.

These meetings take place at our centre in the evenings from 7.30pm to 9.30pm.

Working Bees: Once a term, in the holidays we give our centre a thorough clean and organise. We are rostered jobs and each family have 1 area to do.

Office holder roles: Each centre is required to have ‘Office Holders’ co-ordinator, secretary, treasurer, education officer, equipment officer, etc. These are elected once a year at our AGM (larger roles such as Co-ordinator and Treasurer are 2-yearly) and you would be expected to take on an office holder role once you have settled in (although new members tend to take on smaller roles in their first year).

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